Thursday, 31 March 2011

Doubling up

The miners I pictured in the very first post of this blog have been sold. Weirdly they didn't fetch as much as I'd hoped, nor indeed did they sell for anywhere near as much as some less well presented (and much older) histroical figures I sold. However, I do have a further eight miners to sell from the same boxed set. There are also the slayers from "Battle for Skull Pass" to sell on. I have one of the bound slayer figures to put on Ebay.
And two of these chappies.
Talking of doubling up - I've added a further five thunderers & five warriors to the project.
Currently I'm working on the Kings wall & the miners treasure cart to sell on along with a further ten figures for my project.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

First Arrivals

So here are the first of the figures that I intend to keep - five thunderers & five warriors.
I am aiming for a specific look and feel to this army. Firstly snow. All the bases will have a wintry theme. Not deep uniform snow more drifts and clumps as though the wind keeps moving it around.
Secondly the figures will have a very distinct colour scheme, about which I will divulge in later posts but what you see here is the basis for the army.
I've kept to my usual painting style for these figures although there is a greater than usual reliance on the GW washes.
Also I gloss varnished the figures and then applied a matt coat (Humbrol Mattcoat) over the flesh, beard and clothes.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Start with a Sale

Right, this is the third time I've tried to build an army of dwarves. And this will be the last time.

I like the dwarves mainly because of the history attached to them in literature. Unlike many of the races in the GW world the dwarves have been around for a very long time in popular culture and historical works. Add in that they don't rely on that tricky & slippery magic stuff. I'll post more of my thoughts next time but for now the above photographs show the quality of the figures I'm aiming for. These miners are on sale on ebay and are meant to help pay for this project.