Sunday, 17 June 2012

Dwarven Host complete (almost)

I know it's been a long long time since this blog had any updates but what is a year to a Dwarf?
Anyway, in that year the host has expanded considerably.  Indeed it is now just about complete.
 At the core of the host is a unit of forty warriors with two handed great weapons.

Supporting these doughty men will be sixty (yes sixty!) thunderers.  I've provided enough command figures - hero, standard & musician - to break them down in up to three smaller units if needed.
The thunderers will have guards in the shape of eighty warriors with shield and hand weapons.  Again there are enough command figures to have up to four smaller units if needed.  One of the units carries a drum with an ork hide for a skin as a reminder who the real enemy are. 

The final part of the army are the eighty warriors with hand weapons.  These can be broken down into up to four smaller units if needed, although two units was my original concept.

So let's see if we can't find them someone to fight soon!