Sunday, 21 April 2013

Miniature Wargames

A real treat for the weekend when this hit the door mat on Saturday.
As a fan of Battlegames I was worried when the takeover (merger or whatever) of that magazine by Miniature Wargames was announced.  We were assured that with Henry at the helm all would be well and we would like what we saw.

Well, I for one, do like what I'm seeing and I am currently enjoying reading the magazine.  With the first flick through this feels more like Battlegames having the upper hand in terms of style, content and layout.  The articles cover a broad spectrum of interests and are well written and enjoyable in the main.  The usual suspects are there as you may have expected and they've all been given more space.  The other articles are no less interesting and well presented and easy to read.  It was also nice for Henry to acknowledge the magazines roots with the cover photograph giving reference to that very first magazine from Duncan.

So it's thumbs up from me for the first issue with Henry in charge.