Saturday, 26 March 2011

First Arrivals

So here are the first of the figures that I intend to keep - five thunderers & five warriors.
I am aiming for a specific look and feel to this army. Firstly snow. All the bases will have a wintry theme. Not deep uniform snow more drifts and clumps as though the wind keeps moving it around.
Secondly the figures will have a very distinct colour scheme, about which I will divulge in later posts but what you see here is the basis for the army.
I've kept to my usual painting style for these figures although there is a greater than usual reliance on the GW washes.
Also I gloss varnished the figures and then applied a matt coat (Humbrol Mattcoat) over the flesh, beard and clothes.

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  1. Nice job ol' boy, despite their grotesqueness stumpys are always a favourite with me, those bases look awesome freeze the balls off of a lead dwarf. good luck with the new blog