Sunday, 3 April 2011


So here's the recipe for making snow (other than below freezing temperatures and high atmospheric humidity that is). Ingredients: PVA glue (not wood glue) Polyfilla or similar - white (duh!) or spackle as it's known in the States Baking powder Light blue paint - I use GW Ice Blue Sparkle glaze (available from craft shops) How to: 1. Mix equal amounts of PVA and polyfilla to a smooth paste 2. Add an equal amount of bakig powder to the mix (you should now have 25% PVA, 25% polyfilla & 50% baking powder) & mix to a toothpaste like consistency. 3. Add the sarkle glaze to taste - I use an amont about half of the volume of the mix. 4. Add a VERY small amount of blue paint (tip - touch a cocktail stick into the paint and dip into the mix pin prick size). 5. Apply to the figure bases. 6. Sprinkle with sifted baking powder (pile it on) 7. Leave for 3-4 hours to allow the mix to set 8. Brush away excess. Easy. By the way this is not my recipe, credits rightly belong to this guy -

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